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The Fastest Wireless Charging Phones For Every Budget (2021)

Luis Silva - (January 2021)

If there's something worse than getting out of juice in the middle of the day, it is having to deal with cables and power plugs.

So if you're a power user and already have a powerful portable power bank that supports fast wireless charging, then the next step is to find a phone that indeed can wirelessly charge as fast as possible. Then you can quickly juice up your phone during the day without having to worry about finding power plugs.

Luckily, there are already some smartphones out there that are fast wireless charging enabled.

I usually have seven lists of the top 10 phones for every budget. With fast wireless charging, though, things are different. I have a hard time finding a phone with wireless charging at less than 200 bucks (I guess you already were expecting that, right?), let alone one that supports fast wireless charging. Either way, you can bookmark that empty list, because I'm on a mission to find at least one.

By the way, I'm updating these lists regularly by adding new devices and updating their prices.

I'm also including the traditional slow 5w because if for some reason, those with faster speeds don't quite please you, you can at least find a cheap wireless charging enabled phone.

There's also something you should remember or be aware of: Smartphones usually don't do fast charging if they're over 80% of their charge.

If you're on a tight budget, you should really consider the Xiaomi Mi 9. If 20w/h isn't enough, then there's the OnePlus 8 Pro at 30w, but at triple the price, it may not be your best option.

There are also other top lists links at the end of this list that may be of interest to you, like the fastest wired charging device, the best battery life phones, among others.

Tips: You can click on any phone to check out some of its specs. Prices marked with ! are from renewed/refurbished/carrier-locked phones. You can also find links to Amazon, eBay, Best Buy, and Walmart (and updated prices) in any comparison article.

 Top 10 

  • #9 Samsung

    Galaxy S10e SD
    $375    3.0

  • +Pros/-Cons
    +Wireless Charg.

    Year: 2019    5.8"

  • All About The Samsung Galaxy S10e SD - Specs, Scores, Rivals, Price, Info, and more

  • Samsung
    Galaxy S10e EX
    Galaxy S10e SD
 Top Battery Life 

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