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Top 30 Free Fonts For Commercial Use

Regina Silva

(Sep. 2019)


Usually, when you use Word, you tend to choose a specific font. If you intend to write a more formal document (a letter to an enterprise), it's natural to choose a font that's easier to read. If you want one that catches the attention of the people reading it, you opt for a different one that'll suit your style. There's nothing wrong there but, what if you want that outside of Word? Is there any way to add a new font to your computer? Yes, there is.

This article will provide you with a list of fonts available that will allow you to enhance your writing experience. And what's even better is that they're all free, even for commercial use.

What's the difference between free for personal use and free for commercial use?

Something you need to know beforehand is the difference between free for personal use and free for commercial use. Even though in this article it's only included fonts for commercial use, things can change with time. With that in mind, I suggest you always double-check, making sure that legally you do not have to pay for it.

Free for non-commercial use (personal uses), means it's not for commercial gain. This means you can use the font in, for example, social newsletters, wedding invitations, school assignments, or any other use where you won't make money with it.

Sometimes the description of the product only refers that its free without specifying what it covers. When that happens, you should investigate further to make sure you can use it for what you intend to do and avoid any additional fine.

Free for commercial use includes the usage of the font for personal practices and allows you to utilize it for personal gains. This means you can use it in, for example, marketing, promotions, merchandise, websites with paid ads, books, branded company website, and other similar things.

If the font's description is unclear on whether you can use it or not, you should investigate it further (read the license or contact the author to make sure you can use it). Also, be careful because they don't allow for the font to be resold by anyone else, not even as a package deal.

How to install

The first thing you need to know is how to install a font. Don't worry, because it's quite easy. First, download the chosen font. Second, since it's most likely zipped, right-click on it and select the option to extract all. Then select the extracted font(s), right-click on it and choose install.

This process works for Windows 7/8/10 and Vista.

How to use it on a web site

When you use a new font on one of your websites, you might think nothing seems amiss, but that's not always the case. In truth, if the people who visit don't have it installed on their computer, it will be replaced by a generic font. Unfortunately, that will also defeat the purpose of using a new one and lose the impact you were expecting. To make sure it doesn't happen, you can do one of three things:

- If you intend to write something small, create an image of the text. For example, using a program like Paint, write what you need and then save it as an image in PNG or JPG and later upload it on your website.

- If the text is way too long for that, use the CSS3 @font-face property. This way, the font will be downloaded along with the page.

- In case you can't do it or prefer something else, you can always generate an image in PHP.

Without further ado, let's take a look at the top 30 fonts that were selected:

1.Clarissa (Bangkit Tri Setiadi)

To start, we have the Clarissa (Bangkit Tri Setiadi) font, which has thin lines and a pleasant cursive form that reminds us of the elegance of a signature. It would be a good one to use in a more personal letter.


This is a somewhat a simple font that is easy to read. It has rounder letters, and the significant point is the twist in the letter O.


There's nothing much to say about Wanderlust. It's a standard type of font, with a little bit of style, just enough to not be over the top among the other standard fonts.

4.Hands Down

Hands Downs has a refined style that transmits the handwritten feeling that is somewhat clumsy, but that many of us like. It's ideal for people who would like to have handwritten messages on their computer.


Phantomonia is a unique font that works well if you want to give your website a cartoon tone. The letters have facial features that appear to lighten the words. Aside from the letters and numbers, this font also has symbols.

6.Space Time

This font is distinguished by its straightforwardness and modest design with a touch up to bring out its essence and make it different.

7.Kong Quest

A thick font that is designed to be bold and transmit the importance of the written message. It's not always the size that matters when you want something to be noticed, sometimes you need them to be thick too.


Are you one of those people who loved to clip letters from magazines and stick them together? With this font, you'll be able to relive those times on a digital platform. Only this time, you won't waste so much time clipping the letter, because all you'll have to do is write.

9.Octin Vintage

If you're a fan of a more vintage look, you should check this font. It reminds us of the 20s without being too over the top. It also allows us for an easy read which is always a good point.

10.Circus Ornate

This one is for the lover of those circus fonts that always seemed to captivate us when we were small. It still does, when it's been a while since you saw them.

11.Drift Wood

Drift Wood is a font that's easy to read because of its simplicity and is also quite striking. Moreover, it gives off the good old western feeling of the wild west that we love. Apart from that, it also reminds us of the familiar sensation of camping out in the woods.

12.Bette Noir NF

The design of Bette Noir font has geometric elements incorporated that confer a texture strongly reminiscent of the African culture.

13.Miama Regular

Miama Regular is the type of font that you would generally see on a festive occasion like for example, a wedding invitation. But that doesn't mean you can't use it anywhere else. You can also use it to write a more personal letter, for example, a greeting card, a birthday card, a baby shower, as well as anything related to festive occasions.

14.Extra Ornamental No 2

If you're looking for a font with an ornamental design, this font is the way to go. With a collection of ornaments that adorn every letter with a flourishing touch, you might think that it's overdue, but when presented in a title or a poster, it comes out as naturally appealing.

15.Gypsy Curse

Halloween. Horror. Thriller. If you like these things and are a fan of the fonts associated with it, then you should try the Gypsy Curse font. With it's eroded and sharp shaped letters and grunge effect, you'll be able to confer a much sinister tone to your writing without an effort. Beware, you might have a hard time conveying a pleasant message.


The Pentagon font reminds us of America, the old west and cowboys. Its design is fashionable, and the decorative aspect works wonders with posters. Besides, the stars are just a pleasant addition to bright up the letters.

17.Candy Time

It's Candy Time! Who likes candy? If you do, you'll also like these candy cane styled letters that are just fun to stare at. And although it reminds us of Christmas, it's standard enough to be used any time of the year, so feel free to use it whenever you want it.


Dots. Why keep using the conventional lines every time, when you can use dots? From this point of view, Bazaronite is a nice change of pace from the same old stuff. It's readable, different, likable, has a more digital sense and goes well with almost any type of title or display.


If you're looking for something a little more distinctive and you don't care if it's a little harder to read, this one is a good alternative. The design is more digital-based, and it's quite flashy and bulky, but its charm is undeniable. One set back is the inexistence of lower case and the lack of some punctuation marks. Also, some of us might have a few bad memories of this font, but there's no reason for us to blame the font. That doesn't make it less fashionable.


If there is something that never seems wrong (if it's done right) is a sketch. Be it a sketch filter in a photo or a drawing, it always seems to draw and fascinate us. There's a reason for that. Most of us have poor drawing skills, and we're charmed with realistic aesthetics. With this font, you'll have an easy way of enjoying sketched letters.


Another classic font, clean and simple that works well in contact cards, business signs, invitations, badges, and so on.


If what you're searching for is a font that stands out by being beautiful, colorful, and refreshing, Multicolore is the best one for sure. The multicolored lines that intercept each other and brings forth its unique style. What's best is that you can even change its colors and add effects that'll surely brighten up anything you write on. Through the link, you'll have access to a tutorial at the end of the page which explains how you can change the colors and other features to match your taste. You may need Adobe CC 2018, Illustrator CS3 or Photoshop CS6.


Geotica's pattern is simple and almost generic. Its distinguishing feature is the double straps that emphasize the letters which result in a combination of bold and standard styles.

24.Forty Second Street

A font like this might seem simple at first sight, but it also has its charm. The white interior makes a nice contrast with the back outline.

25.Mosaic Leaf

Mosaic Leaf has a simple design. The principal motif in this font is the leaves that come in different sizes, filling the inside of the letters. That may seem unpretentious, but it's charming enough to give each letter or symbol a whole new impression. Besides, you can have it in different colors, which is always a plus.


What can I say about this font? PLSTK is so unique that it's somewhat hard to describe. This font allows you to combine different aspects, be it the forms, (the thick lines with thin ones) or the colors (the black with the blue and purple). And all of this in one single letter.

27.Pencil Letters

This one has another fancy and original idea. Instead of the traditional lines or dots, the letters are made of pencils which is ideal for decorations purposes. The only let down is the fact that it doesn't include numbers.


If you fancy the retro style, this font is for you. Looks like the 20's are back again with this Art Deco style font. Click on the link to check out the endless possibilities for this font.

29.Adamas Regular

Let me tell you what I like about this font: It looks great on top of detailed pictures, and it captures the viewer's attention very well because he simply won't be able to read the text at a glance.

30.Bocartes Fritos

I was hungry when I chose this one. I was also getting tired, and for those reasons, in my mind, this one looked like a great choice. Then again, why not write with these and convey in a faster way your hunger? Or other things you might be able to communicate through these. It might be a little hard to remember which one it is (I'm referring to the letter that corresponds to the image you want), but it sure is a lot of fun, and it can still send a message. And, you can always use it to send an encrypted message.

As you can see with this top 30, fonts can be found in a lot of different designs. They can also be applied for different designs and, when you choose the right one, a font can improve the appearance of your website, attract more attention or express your message in a completely new way. With all these unusual and different fonts, I hope you were able to enjoy reading and discovering about this top 30 and found what you were looking for.

If you find any issue with any of these fonts or if you just want to share your thoughts with the world, please do use the comments section below.

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