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Top 30 Best Windows 10 Themes With A Download Link

Regina Silva (August 2019)


Windows 10 has been around for a couple of years now, but most people don’t even know they can change its looks. Surprisingly, I was one of them. It might sound strange, but before I did this Top 30, it hadn’t even crossed my mind that you could change Windows like this. I thought that I could only change the wallpaper and the colors. Windows 10 is quite versatile, and there’s a lot more you can change than what Microsoft allows you to choose from its store. So, when I realized what I could change, I set my mind into finding out the best ones out there, aside from the ones presented in the Microsoft Store. Like this, I made a collection of the best themes that’ll allow you to have a look at what you might have been missing out. In this place, you’ll also learn about what you need to do before you start using a new theme.

For those who already knew about this feature, this Top 30 is a great way to look for some fantastic and innovative works. People out there do so many creative things that you might be missing out without knowing.

With all that said, there are a few things you should know before you try to install a theme.

Before you install

When it comes to installing a theme, there are two essential things you should execute beforehand.

First of all, before searching for a theme that suits your taste, you need to know what’s the current version of your Windows. Some of these instructions only work when you possess a more recent version of Windows 10 (like Windows 10 version 1703 or newer). When selecting a theme, make sure it’s compatible, or you might be in for a headache. To find out which version you have, go to the search option, type “winver” and then click on it. A window will pop up with the version number. You can also press “windows key” + “R” and type “winver.”

Second, it’s best to make a system restore point or a backup. This way, if something goes awry for some reason beyond your control (or if you regret your decision), you can always go back and avoid having problems. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

And last but not least, some themes may entail the installation of additional programs or ask for particular software specifications. In that case, after you click on the link presented here, you should read the description of the theme. The author will mention what you’ll need, so you should read carefully before clicking on the download button. As always, be sure to keep your antivirus and antimalware up to date.

How to install

When you install a theme purchased in the Microsoft Store, you download it and add it to your theme library. Although it’s not the same with these themes, it’s not very hard to install a custom developed one. To run correctly, some involve the installation of an additional program. UltraUXThemePatcher is a program that’ll allow you to patch your system files with what we call 3rd party themes. Despite it being at a stage that it’s stable for almost all users, it’s still important to verify its compatibility with your computer. For that, you must compare your software and the program’s version. You can archive that by following this link.

As soon as you confirm everything is in order, you can download and install the UltraUXThemePatcher.

After you’re done, search for a theme that you enjoy, and that’s compatible with your Windows 10 version and download it. Since it typically comes compacted, you need to unpack it and then copy it to the theme folder in C:\ Windows \ Resources \ Themes. Make sure you only copy the one for your build, because there might be more than one in there. With that done, go to your desktop and right-click with your mouse or touchpad. Then, select Personalize > Themes. In here, you’ll see the theme you installed under Apply a theme. Now, all you have to do is select it. If your version is a little different from mine, after that, you need to click on Use custom theme.

How to delete a theme

In case you've already installed a theme and would like to uninstall it, here’s a quick way to do it. Start by changing to a default Windows 10 theme. Go to your desktop, right-click and then select Personalize > Themes and pick a default one.

Then, go to the theme folder in C:\ Windows \ Resources \ Themes. In here, select the folder, the .theme file and delete them.

Now that all is taken care of, here’s the list of the top 30 themes with the respective links to the pages where you can download them.

1. macOS Sierra

For those who never had a Mac and want to experience it or had one and would love to make his Windows into one, this theme is ideal. It comes with many features and even has a Siri clone. By following that link, you can also access information on how to use it and modify it to your liking.

2. IOS Skin Pack

Like the macOS theme, it changes the appearance of your Windows without affecting its functionality.

3. Groove

Groove is another theme that changes not only the wallpapers and colors but also the icons of your Windows. The icon's shape isn’t very different from the regular Windows version, but its green shade mixed with the wallpapers give you a nice grove feeling. Besides, the soft green color is a nice contrast with the dark and light theme.

4. Startisback

Do you miss the old Windows 7 start menu and the taskbar? Would you like having it again without going back to that Windows version? With this theme, you’ll be able to enjoy the good old times without abandoning Windows 10.

5. Ades Theme for Windows 10

When it comes to this theme, there’s not much to say. It’s a pretty standard one that doesn’t stand out, with dark and green coloring. It’s best for those who don’t want a dramatic change in their computers.

6. Maverick 10

The Maverick 10 is a beautiful and unique pack of themes where you can choose between a clean, a split, and a dark mode. The shades of black combined with the orange give it an exceptional vibe and are ideal for those who prefer darker themes. Plus, the clean and split ones have a softer and lighter tone that brightens up the computer quite nicely.

7. Stars Align W10

A darker and stylish theme that employs icons like flop disks, mice, keyboards, rice, and so on. Yes, rice or more precisely, an onigiri. At least, we can say this one is original. If you’re wondering what the icon stands for, it’s for customizing your desktop.

8. Janguru

This one has many nature-based wallpapers to choose from, with a few different styles and cursor sets. Also, due to being so different from Windows 10 design, it seems an entirely new OS. But don’t worry, it’s not hard to navigate, and it’s worth it for those who want something a little outside of the box.

9. Flattastic

Flattastic is a stylish and colorful theme with flat icons that’ll brighten up your computer.

10. eXPerience

This one also comes with light and dark modes, so you get to alternate between the two. Despite not having anything that stands out, it has fresh designs that are cool enough to refresh that plain old computer screen.

11. Windows 11

Yes, you’re seeing it right but no, this is not the actual Windows 11. Still, how cool is that? You get to experience this concept or probably futuristic version before it even comes out.

12. Simplify 10 Light

Simple, light, with distinct variations: blue, micro, lines, circle classic. Nothing over the top, nothing that stands out, aside from that nice relaxing feeling.

13. Bouquet

For those who prefer a relaxing theme with flowers and a darker theme, Bouquet is a likable acquisition. The pack comes with plenty of substyles that will allow you to make a lot of different combinations.

14. Aero Glass

This theme is a simple and refreshing one that modifies the edges and borders, making them translucid, which lets you see behind them. It may seem like a distracting factor when you’re using it, but since it’s somewhat blurred, you’ll realize it won’t be a problem. It brings back that old glass feeling while keeping your Windows default (or personalized) settings.

15. Hover Dark Aero

As the name suggests, this theme gives you the sensation that the edges of the windows are hovering on your computer screen. This one is like the previous theme, although darker and with three different versions for you to choose from.

16. nVidia for Windows 10 AU

A theme that has a combination of black tones and green, although this one has more vivid colors.

17. Elementary ipack

With 3 flavor pack, Elementary ipack is the best for those who like simple designs and that want to alternate between light and dark themes.

18. Glass Theme

Yes, this is another glass theme, but this way you have more than one choice. Besides, it’s not only the borders that have a glass effect but the whole thing. And don’t worry, this one is also blurred which won’t make it confusing to look at.

19. Ubuntu Light

As you’ve realized, there are a few dark themes in this top 30, but that doesn’t mean there are no good light themes. As to prove it, here’s a simple and pretty light theme with subtle complimentary wallpaper. It also has the option to choose between a light and a dark taskbar.

20. Adiccion Aqua

If you want something different and you love blue, you’ll want this one. It’s on a whole new level, but it’s so awesome it’s hard to find words to describe it. It’s one of the most original ones here.

21. Oxford

An elegant and simple theme that stands out in terms of its icons designs that may look plain at first but are undeniably charming.

22. Unity

Unity could be one more standard theme that’s just a variation of Windows. What makes it unique are the outstanding icons that are just mesmerizing to look at.

23. Andromeda OS SkinPack

A delightful theme that revolves around space, with simple icons that contrast nicely with the wallpapers and colors.

24. FREE iConadams Theme

When it comes to the iConadams theme, gray is the way to go. It also has a flat and minimalist design and other options for you to explore. It also includes a link for the iConadams icon pack.

25. Royal Skinpack

I can’t say that this one seems majestic, but what I can say is its design has a sophisticated feeling to it. It’s somewhat similar to Windows 7 (or maybe XP) as if it was a new updated version. Just have a look, and you’ll see what I mean.

26. cakeOS

You might think it’s just another simple theme, but the truth is, it comes with three formats to choose from (borderless, rounded and bordered) and a light and dark theme. Not to mention, it also has cakes for wallpapers, and that is something special. After all, who doesn’t like cakes anyway?

27. iWin Theme

There’s an iPad, an iPod, and an iPhone, and if you can’t have any of those, at least now you may have them in your Windows with iWin, and that’s probably something that most people won't have. The iWin theme allows you to choose between a lighter or darker setting and has a flat design with two captions. Aside from that, it also has button styles that will bestow a cool new style to your computer.

28. Mercurian

This one is for the black and blue lovers. If you’re searching for that, you can stop right here. The dark theme combined with the blue is pleasant if you often work on your computer at night. These are simple icons and wallpapers, but it has its charms. It’s recommended to use Aero Glass with it. You can find all the links needed and what to do by following the link.

29. Minim VS

Minim is an intriguing theme that combines a dark background with the light from the open windows. It might seem a bit colorless and gray, but if you’re into this style, it’s perfect. It also allows for fewer distractions. If you get tired, you can always add another color to the title bar. It also has a link for the right icons pack.

30. Papyros

Are you tired of black and white? Then you should have a look at Papyros. It may be a very simple theme with flat icons, but it has a few colors for you to choose from, besides the usual black and white.

As you can see, it’s not that complicated to install a Windows 10 theme on your computer. It might take a little while but, as you probably realized after looking at these themes, it’s worth to change the dynamic of your computer, because they’ll bring a fresh and pleasant change of scenery. Besides, it will keep you from being bored with the same old scenario.

With all that said, I hope you enjoyed this top 30 and check out the other articles on this site.

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