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Top 30 Best Free Windows 10 Icon Pack With Download Link

Regina Silva (July 2019)

Have you grown tired of the same old Windows Icons on your computer? Do you crave for more diversity and icons that are aesthetically more appealing? Do you want to give your computer a new look or just make it more practical?
If you already made a quick research on the internet, you may have come across a lot of sites with icon packs for Windows, but not all of them are for free. Here I present you with a top 30 of the best Windows 10 icon packs that are free to download and will change your experience.
If you don't know how to change the default icons on your Windows 10 PC, click here or skip to the end of this article. I have compiled a set of instructions to help you change them.


Let’s start with Simplus. With a simple design, these folder icons are the best for those who want something different from what they have and maintain it simple and practical.

2. Aurora Folders

The Aurora folders icons are for people who want a little more. They are beautifully colored and offer a fresh new look to the folders.

3. 3D Cartoon Icons Pack

The icons in this set are a lovely 3D cartoon pack for those who can’t settle for anything less than a 3D setting on their computer screen.

4. Kaori Icons

The Kaori icons are a set that brings the beauty of the orient to your computer. They might not be the best for someone that wants a music icon on a folder with mp3 files, but they’re great for those who like these beautiful icons and prefer a more colorful computer.

5. Shadow 135

This set is a simple pack with folders and drivers icons that are flat but give off a sense of depth with its shadows that bring out the pictures in it.

6. Star Trek Folders

Are you a Star Trek fan? Then this one is for you. Not a fan? You should still check it out. It has a simple, but different design and has a nice feeling to it.

7. Christmas XP

If you’re already feeling that Christmas is right around the corner or if you’re someone that likes Christmas all year round, you can just download these amazing Christmas icons and be merry already.

8. Red Little Shoes Icons

The Red Little Shoes icons is a set that looks like it was handmade. They may seem a little childish at first, but it’s not over the top, and they remind us of the simple drawings that we used to make when we were younger.

9. WinRemix Icon Pack

Simple but not over the top, with a visual that doesn’t hurt the eyes. If you’re looking for a change of colors and feel, then this is the best package.

10. In Pixelated Icon Set

In Pixilated says it all. Would you like to see those little classic pixels on your pc? Then this one is the right one for you.

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11. Um Icons

The Um Icons are a rather big icon pack with a lot of icons to choose from. Some convey the feeling of drawings, others are more realistic, and others can be a little scarier. It’s hard not to find a lot to enjoy with so many to choose from.

12. O Sunny Day Icons

This one is another great pack with icons that look like sketches. It has a more childlike feeling than the previous one, but it has a nice, happy feeling to it, that just makes your day a little brighter.

13. Pure Flat Iconpack

Just like the name say, this pack is full of flat icons with a nostalgic feeling that makes your PC look a little more retro.

14. Flag Icons

Flags. There’s nothing else to say about it.

15. Hyperion Icons

Silver-colored folders might not exactly be what you were looking for, but when you add the touch of a 3D pen, brush or any other realistic object, these icons may end up on your top five picks.

16. Colorflow

With beautiful and colorful images and a feeling similar to Mac, these can be great if you want to add a refreshing tone to your Windows.

17. Sticker Blue Shadow

Do you like blue and want to add a simple and flat design to your computer? You don’t need to search anymore.

18. OS X Minimalism iPack

A minimalistic pack with great and simple (but not always) flat icons that are enjoyable for a change of style.

19. Numix Circle IconPack

Round icons with a unique style and great vibe that will make your computer different without appearing out of place.

20. Senary Drive Icons

Folder icons that look like they are senary drives? Talk about being creative. It’s a shame there are so few to choose from.

21. Vista Style

Vista Style is a collection of folder icons that are somewhat old and somewhat new that brings forth a sense of depth without being over the top.

22. Blue Aero 7

There’s not much to say about this pack aside from being a nice assortment of nice icons that will light up your computer in an unpretentious way.

23. Dark 7 Folder Icon Pack

A dark and cool icon pack with great icons representing the interior of the folders. It’s the best for those who search for a stylish black icon pack.

24. Vintage Folders Icons

For those who are passionate about vintage, this pack is absolutely beautiful, although it has only a few icons available. But when it comes to loving vintage, it’s better to have a few than none at all.

25. Free Christmas Icons

If the previous Christmas icon pack was not enough, or if you want a little more diversity or a different taste, you should definitely check out these beautiful icons.

26. Glo folder icons

This isn't anything over the top, it’s just folders that glow and look awesome, and that's what you wanted to make your PC look wicked cool, am I right?

27. Cryonic Folder Icons

The simple style prevents it from being excessive, and you might think it’s weird when it’s described as folders dropped on the ground, but when you see them, it’s not weird at all. These icons give a pleasant touch to a previously dull screen.

28. Creature Folders Icons

This small pack of icons with funny looking creatures is simply the colorful and cheery touch you needed to make you smile when you look at your screen.

29. Aurora Line Folders

Have you ever been to Alaska? This icon pack will help you remember that beautiful and unique scenery you certainly have experienced. If not, at least I hope you get inspired to make that trip sooner than later. In the meanwhile, you can enjoy these aurora borealis lines on your folder's icons.

30.Junior Icons

Last but not least, here's something out of the box but not out of context. It's always nice to have a touch of 3D modern icons to look at, right?
With so many different folder and icon packs, I hope you were able to find what you were looking for. Perhaps you came across multiple styles that suit your taste. I'm hoping you've found a list that will keep your Windows from returning to his plain old self for months to come.
if you already have a favorite icon pack, please share it in the comments below, and I'll probably add it here later.

Did you know?

You can also find other icon packs embedded on Windows Themes.

Plus, it can offer a more immersive personalization experience, by going even further on customizing Windows.

Check out our top selection of Windows Themes and give them a try.

How to change the default icons

If you don't know how to change the default icons on your Windows 10 PC, you're at the right place! Before we start:
-Some icon packages come with executable files to easily replace default icons. While that's the preferable way, it is also the least safer one.
Make sure that your source is trustwordy and keep your antivirus and antimalware software up to date.
-Unpack your zip files to an "easy to find" folder on your PC, like Documents or Desktop.
-Icons for Windows 10 may come on different file types such as .ico, .dll and .exe.

Windows 10 is very customizable, but you may still have to follow a few steps to manually change his icons.
If that's the case for your icon pack, then follow these steps below:
-If you want to change (or add) your desktop icons (such as User Files, This PC, Control Panel, Recycle Bin and so on), just click Start, then go to Settings, and Personalization, then Themes.

Now click on Desktop icon settings, then click on the icon(s) that you would like to change, then the Change Icon button, then click on Browse to select a new one.

Click Apply, and then you can check the new icons on your desktop.
-If you want to change a folder or shortcut icon, you can do that individually, or you can download an app like IconPackager to help you with that.
If you want to change them yourself, right-click on the folder or shortcut. Then, choose Properties. (If it's a folder, click on the Customize tab). Then, click on Change Icon. Click Browse and then choose one.

-If you want to change an icon associated with a particular file type, you will need to download FileTypesMan (or something similar). This app has the advantage of being portable (no need to install it), so just download it, double-click on the zip file, then on the FileTypesMan application to run it. It may take a while to scan all the file types you have on your PC, so just be patient.
You'll get a list of file types just like the one in the picture below. Look for the ones you want to change, right-click on them and on Choose Edit Selected File Type.

Click on the button with the three dots right next to Default Icon, then on the Browse to find your icon, and then on the OK button.

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